Course Content [AY1415 Semester 2](OUTDATED)

Week 5 – Usability/Accessibility

WCAG 2.0 Guidelines:

Gibson, Anne, “Reframing Accessibility for the Web,” A List Apart No. 413, published 3 Feb 2015,

Week 4 – UX(2)

Kuang, Cliff. “Why a New Golden Age for UI Design Is Around the Corner,” WIRED, published 13 Aug 2013.

“Material Design,” Google,

Gosha, Gabriella, “Push It! Making Your CTA Buttons More Clickable,” Sitepoint, published 23 Dec 2014.

Grayce, Allison, “How to Go Flat Without Sacrificing Usability,” treehouse blog, published 18 Dec 2013.


Richardson, Ingrid. “Faces, interfaces, screens: Relational ontologies of framing, attention and distraction.” Transformations 18 (2010). (Non-Examinable)

Week 3 – UX(1)

Lee, Sharon. “Human-to-Human Design,” A List Apart No.240, published 26 Jun 2007, accessed 19 Jan 2015.

Keith, Jeremy. “Design Principles,’ accessed 19 Jan 2015.


Sobchack, Vivian. “Breadcrumbs in the Forest,” Carnal Thoughts: Embodiment and Moving Image Culture, University of California Press: 2004, pp. 13–35. (Non-Examinable)

Week 2 – Introduction to Web Technologies

Goldman, Kevin. “Material Honesty on the Web,” A List Apart No.372, published 26 Mar 2013.

Lloyd, Paul Robert. “The Web Aesthetic,” A List Apart No.362, published 25 Sep 2012.

Mozilla Developer Network, “Understanding URLs and their Structure,” Learning the Web, last updated 4 Nov 2014.

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