Week 6: Dark Design Patterns

Hi guys,

Here’s the exercise for this week that’ll net you this week’s attendance and participation.

If you’re having problems accessing the quiz here, it is also available via: http://goo.gl/forms/1JRQwd7XCv

Course Content Page

I’ve put up a new “Course Content” page that will carry each week’s readings, in lieu of posting on NTU Learn (for accessibility reasons). You are, in the spirit of how this course is run, encouraged to propose course material that you think would add value to the course. Material that is unmarked (i.e. there are no extraneous comments added on other than reference information) should be considered course material and potential exam fodder. Content that I specifically mark as non-examinable should be considered as such.

RE: Pitch submission next week

RE: Pitch submission next week

Hi guys,

You have your pitch submission coming up next week. I know I said in lecture that you’d have to submit the pitches on Monday, but I realised that I’ve stated in the syllabus that the submission should be due at the end of the week.

As such, you guys should be submitting a digital document that contains your pitch at the end of week 4 (i.e. 6th February 11:59pm) to me via email (check syllabus for it). Submissions that don’t reach me by then are considered non-submissions.

Requirements for this assignment are laid out in Appendix C of the syllabus (as are the requirements for all other assessed components in this course.)

Any questions regarding the pitch submission should be directed to me (Zed).

Also, do remember to update your groups (here: http://bit.ly/1ITAWQA) and pick your post topics (here: http://bit.ly/1ywZ0UX).

Week 2

Hi guys,

Putting up a few important links before class starts:

The course syllabus is available via NTULearn, and contains important information regarding your course assessment.

Start thinking about the Web Project that you will need to submit a pitch document for on Week 4 (it’s not too far away).

[edit: 19 Jan 0748]

As a primer for the sort of issues that we will be dealing with as the semester progresses, you can also take a look at the links below on the “Right to be Forgotten”:



Welcome to the course!

Welcome to CS2024/COM224 Web Design and Technologies!

This site is meant to be a point of convergence and resource sharing for the course. Throughout the semester, you will find gaps in the lectures and tutorials that we as instructors cannot possibly seek to fill all of. You will therefore be expected to conduct your own research and create your own points of learning. This is by virtue of not only what is expected of a university student, but also the medium that we are attempting to make sense of here.

Treat this page not only as a more casual alternative to the university’s education portal, but also a collaborative wiki-esque effort that will function as a useful resource long after this course is over.

You will be asked to:

  • Respond to certain prompts and issues;
  • Critique the current state of the web;
  • Share-alike.

The rules of engagement are as follows:

  • Engage;
  • Be civil;
  • Be constructive;
  • Be open.

Enjoy the ride!