User Experience Design


What is UX Design?

UX design, only known as user experience design, is a process of improving user satisfaction.

This can be done through improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided during the interaction between the user and the product.

UX designers study and evaluate how users feel about a system, and work to improve aspects that users may be dissatisfied with.

This includes aspects such as ease of use, perception of the value of the system, and efficiency of performing tasks.

So why is UX important?

User experience is just as important as visual identity. A good UX design allows a user to interact with an interface intuitively.

This allows them to enjoy the interaction with the interface more.

UX is especially important for complex websites. Having a good UX design helps the end user easily navigate the complex website.

Basically, UX design is to make the user feel good when they interact with the product. Whether the product is a website, or an app.

Personally, I feel that UX design is especially important for mobile apps.

In such a saturated market, where anyone can create an app. An app with really good UX design would stand out from its’ competitors.

A good design would also keep users coming back to the app, as well as make it more convenient for the users to use.

What makes an app’s design bad?

Some things to avoid while creating an app would be, creating badly sized buttons, poor content prioritization, and lack of a universal navigation.

Badly Sized buttons would cause difficulty for the end user to do what they need to do with the app. This slows down the process for the user to do what they need to do.

Poor content prioritization would cause the user to be overloaded with irrelevant content. The design should focus on the most important information that the user needs to know.

The lack of a universal navigation makes it troublesome for the user to get to certain functions. A universal navigation helps the user get to any function of the app they want.


UX design is important throughout the design and implementation phase of an interface.

It focuses on the experience of the user while they are interacting with the interface.

The interface should be designed to be as intuitive as possible. The interface should guide the user to do what they want/need to do.

This is especially important for mobile applications, to keep the users using the app.