Web Design Elements

In the wireframes of any Web design element includes a header (logo, navigation bar), hero element usually the focal point as web designer like to use it to be the first area the viewer look at. Body/ content a summary of words and links within the page. Sidebar is use for navigation mainly primary or secondary, it may also be used for ad spaces.


Consistency is also important when designing a website. And why is it so?

Layout of the website should be consistent enough as it shows the overall outlook of the website. The website layout refers to the basic framework and structure of the website – It determines where the text content, navigation, images and other important elements are placed on the website. If these common website elements are in the same place on every page it means your visitors spend less time trying to use your website and more time engaging with your content.

If the site is inconsistent it slows the visitor down causing them to lose interest in your site.

There’s also a time/cost saving benefit to a consistent design. If your website uses a consistent layout it means that your website developer only needs to create a small number of re-usable templates for your pages. Not only does this keep your website simple and easy to use, it also cuts down on the overall development time of your website, which can save you money.

Corporate websites should have a consistent color scheme throughout the website to reinforce their brand identity. If you look at this website for example – my logo always appears on a blue background and that is reflected not only on the website but all social media profiles.

Here are a few question to ask yourself whether your site are consistent:

-Does your website use the same colors throughout the website?

-Is there consistent vertical and horizontal spacing between elements in the layout?

-Are website headings consistent throughout the site?

-Do you consistently show navigation menus in the same place throughout the website?

-Are text links the same color throughout the website?

-Are the website icons of the same family?

-Do form elements (text inputs, select lists, submit buttons) look the same throughout the website?


Website sidebar are a common design in most layouts. This commonly holds page elements which are not detrimental to the content, but include other means of traversing the website. These elements may include category listings, recent user profiles, a search bar, even badges for social networking profiles. Each website has different needs from visitors, so the purpose of your sideline-content will not be the same on every project, but understanding how users interpret sidebars can help to gauge how you should structure your own designs.

Representative advertising is perfect if the ads do not interfere directly with the site, yet they can still be above-the-fold and organized nicely. With that said it is important to remember Internet users are getting smarter. They know what to expect and outdated ads are losing their appeal quickly.

That certainly doesn’t mean online advertising is a dead market. You need to find products & services which appeal towards your audience. And possibly even more important, you need to ensure the advertisement itself looks good. Why should people click to find out about this awesome thing? This is often out of your hands but whenever possible try to use the highest quality of advertisements.