User Flow & Onboarding

A good user flow not only provides a positive experience for users interacting with the site, but maximize conversions from a business standpoint as well. An example of conversions would be, from a visitor to a subscriber to a buyer. That is where User Onboarding comes in. User Onboarding is the process of increasing the likelihood of users becoming successful in adopting your product or service. In other words, achieving your business objective.

Understanding each user and business objectives allows us to create a positive user experience as well as a valuable one from a business standpoint. Having a detailed understanding of the objectives of both user and the business, enable us to design various flows that are needed to achieve both parties’ goals.

Users can come from different sources, so deciding where to focus is important in order to impact the most users and have the greatest gain. When the user hits the landing page, the real user flow work really begins. The flow should fill in the gaps of information by providing the user with the data that they need to be converted.

A relatively good example would be Gmail’s landing page. Here, the landing page provides the user with the data they need. In this case, the user objective would be to create an email account. The consistent styles for the primary call to action buttons appeals directly to the user’s objective. 2015-09-18 01-21-41

By listing the key benefits of Gmail in an easy-to-understand way, it builds the user’s confidence in the service they provide. The placement of the hook is a good call to direct users to the CTA button and move on to the registration page.

Upon clicking the CTA button, it straight away brings the user to the registration page with all the fields that are required to be filled up.

gmail sign up

Another relatively good example of user flow would be WordPress. The CTA buttons is presented clearly and appeals directly to the user’s objective. A clean layout with an aesthetically appealing background that relates to the theme, or rather, the objective that the user has for his/her website/blog.


The choice of words used in the hook, for example “free”, entices the user to proceed on. Clicking on either CTA button, brings the user to the next page.wordpress create website

WordPress removes friction at every step in helping user fulfill their objectives by asking for minimal amount of information at a time. Utilizing a single field & a CTA button, reduces clutter & complications the user might have.

wordpress choose theme

Providing a clear and direct flow for users to achieve their objective every step of the way.

This article on, provides more insight to how spending more time on designing user flows would be beneficial than focusing too much on page design. 2015-09-18 01-19-13

To have a look at how some websites oboards new users, check out this site. It provides a teardown on how some websites onboards new users in a casual and informative way.