SEO Basics

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a methodology of Internet marketing strategy that places a website at top of the search engine (e.g Google, Bing, and Yahoo). It is usually free and used to increase the amount of unlimited visitors to a website. The higher a website ranks in search engine, the greater the chance that site will be visited.


Two techniques used for SEO

As discussed during lecture, there are two types of strategies used:

Black Hat SEO, which attempts to improve the ranking by using the techniques that are not approved by search engines, in other words, violate the rules of search engine. Example of this SEO, excessively cross-linking sites to escalate the apparent popularity, uses hidden text to attract search engines, spamming, etc.

On the other hand, White Hat SEO uses proper methods such as write meta tags and title to be more relevant to the web page, content improvement, and web re-design in improving the ranking.

White Hat SEO is the only technique that is approved by search engines. Thus, it lasts longer than the Black Hat SEO.

What are the keys to higher ranking in search engine?

The key to higher ranking is making sure that a website has the ingredients that search engines needs for their recipes.

These includes:

  1. Words : Search engine accounts for every word on the web. Search engine will narrow down the search to only the pages that are about to the keywords typed by the user.
  1. Titles : Search engine pays a lot attention to page’s title because it is often summaries the website. This page title is usually hidden as its written in code. (e.g <title>This is page title</title>
  1. Links : When one website is link to another, it is indirectly telling the user that this website has good complete information.
  1. Words used in Link: When someone searches for a keyword, and a website has this linked keyword, this web will rank well.
  1. Reputation: Site with consistent record of fresh and engaging content and growing number of quality links may be considered as rising star.

What are the advantages of SEO?

  • Free and unlimited traffic

SEO allows you to connect to customers for free with unlimited traffic to your website. Unlike other advertising platforms, which can cost you a few hundred dollars per day.

  • Targeted audience

Your website will appear only when potential customers search for the keywords you have optimized. This means those who are not interested to your products or services will not see your website on the search engines.

  • Exposed your advertisement 24/7

Since SEO is an internet marketing strategy, it allows your website to be found 24 hours a day and 7 days a week around the world.


Search engine optimization involves constant testing, experimenting, and improvement. To be able to increase your ranking, understand what your viewer is looking for and keeping the information or the content up-to-date are the golden rules in SEO. It is also important to follow the rules and regulations of search engine to keep the ranking long lasting.


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