Dealing with photos on Facebook

Photos these days are not as simple as they used to be. Back in the days, when you used to take photos you just developed them and putted them in a photo album to show your friends. The good thing about those times is that you actually were the one deciding who you wanted to show your photos to. Nowadays, it’s not that easy to decide who you want to see your photos. When you share photos on Facebook without the right privacy settings, anyone can see your photos. Therefore, it is important to do your homework before posting images on Facebook.

When you join Facebook you will be able to control your privacy settings by a certain amount. It is important to take that time and really understand the settings, because it’s not always that easy to understand how it actually works. The automatic settings for privacy on Facebook is that your data is open to the public. That means that the pictures you share with your friends can also be seen by people who aren’t even your friends. However, Facebook does actually give you the tools to control this issue, it’s just a matter of using them correctly.


Here are some useful tips when dealing with photos on Facebook.

This is one of the most simple ways to control who sees what when you’re posting single photos. When you’re about to post a photo. Make sure you use the option ”friends only” before hitting the post button. If you don’t select that option. The photo will be open to the public.

When you’re about to post more stuff and don’t wanna have to think about changing the settings all the time, there is a great tool for this which makes it easy to control your privacy settings. This tool is called ”p
rivacy shortcuts”. When you click this button you’ll see a tab called ”who can see my stuff”. This tab give you a quick overview of your privacy settings and you only have to change it one time to save the settings.

If you want to dig even deeper into your privacy settings you can click the ”settings button”. This is a more advanced privacy page with more options. A really useful option within this page which I want to highlight is the option to review all the photos you’re tagged in. This means that every time someone tags you in something, you have to make an active choice whether you want to be tagged in that photo or not. This is really useful when someone for example posts an embarrassing photo of you and you don’t want the rest of your friends to see it.

Report harmful photos. If you managed to untag that embarrassing photo but still want it to disappear from Facebook, you’ll have to report it. This option isn’t always working but unfortunately there is no other way to get rid of photos posted by someone else. The photo will only be removed if Facebook classes it as harassment or if it goes against their terms of service. However, the person who posted the photo in the first place will get a message when you report the photo that you’d like him to remove it. So if you’re lucky, it might disappear anyway.


As you can see, Facebook does supply their users with settings to control the privacy of your photos. It’s just a matter of using them right. After reading this, I hope you’ll think twice before posting your next facebook photo and that this text will be of help whenever you want to be a little more private on Facebook.


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